Answers to The Most Commonly Asked DUI Questions

Answers to The Most Commonly Asked DUI Questions

If you’re driving under influence and suddenly you see a police car chasing you, you might start to freak out what what’s going to happen next.

However, if you ever find yourself in this situation, you should remain calm throughout the process, as this is the only way you can treat the police. Additionally, having good knowledge of what to do next can also help you a lot should you get arrested for driving under influence. You can hire a Denver criminal attorney to help you in the case.

You Should Never Drive Under Influence

Millions of Americans visit bars and nightclubs on a daily bases. They drink and drive to their homes without having any problems. That’s because they don’t drink too far. Legally, drinking unless your “Normal faculties are impaired”, or having a blood alcohol content of 0.08 or more isn’t allowed if you’re driving. So, drinking and driving is perfectly legal if you don’t exceed the maximum legal limits.

Police Always Gathers Evidence Against You

Police is there is keep other citizens safe from drivers driving under influence, because anyone can get hurt because of their negligence. If you’re ever pulled over when drinking and driving, the police officer will launch a criminal investigation to determine whether you were driving under influence or not. Officers start gathering information from the very moment you step out of your vehicle. The first few minutes are very important for the officer to gather as much evidence as he can.

Avoid Providing Too Much Evidence

As soon as your open you pull down your window pane, the officer will smell for any alcohol inside the vehicle, reddened eyes, or change in your speech patterns. While you can’t do much about the whole situation, you can refuse to answer as much questions as you want to.

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