Avoid These Mistakes When Filing a Slip And Fall Case

Avoid These Mistakes When Filing a Slip And Fall Case

Slip and fall accidents injure a lot of people every year. Many people visit emergency room due to the slip and fall accidents that happen at their houses and workplaces. Slip and fall accidents are also one of the major causes of preventable injury deaths in the USA alone.

You can file a claim against your employer to get compensated for the injury that you surrender from while working for someone else. However, avoid making the following mistakes when filing a slip and fall injury claim.

Not Notifying The Manager of The Place About The Accident

As soon as you get injured, you must tell about your injury to someone in charge, or to your colleagues. The manager will file an incident report as soon as he gets to know about your injury. This report can be used as an evidence in your legal slip and fall claim later on.

Not Securing The Evidence

Secure any proof that you can about the accident, as these proofs come in handy later on when it comes to settling the claim. You should collect things like photos, videos, texts or anything that can help in establishing the severity of your injury. The evidence will help in establishing the severity of your claim.

Not Getting The Right Medical Treatment

Do not delay your medical treatment after getting injured. In fact, you should see a doctor right away after getting injured. The medical professional will give you medicine, treatment and even a surgical procedure to prevent further damage.

Contacting a doctor right away will also help in properly documenting your injury.

Never Handle Your Own Claim

You should never handle your injury claim by yourself. You should hire Tampa attorneys for slip and fall accidents to represent you in your claim. This will increase your chances of winning.

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