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Benefits of Keeping Track of Your Fertility And Ovulation Cycle

Benefits of Keeping Track of Your Fertility And Ovulation Cycle

Talking about reproductive health has always been a topic of hushed up discussions, but it is about time that we come to the forefront and talk about these things out in the open. Women go through a cycle of menstruation every single month from the day they hit puberty until they hit menopause. During this time, there is a period of ovulation where they are fertile and if they partake in sexual intercourse during that time the chances of them conceiving and getting pregnant are almost a 100%. But in order to get that timing right, sometimes it is important to keep your ovulation and fertility cycle in mind, especially if you as a couple want to plan for children or are already in the process of conceiving a child.

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So for all the people out there, who are thinking that they do not really need to do all of this, having unprotected sex is the key solution for conceiving, we would like to remind you that not every woman’s body is the same and some have difficulty conceiving. With that being said, here are some of the benefits of keeping a track of your ovulation, menstruation and fertility cycle, check them out below.

They Are More Aware

One of the biggest benefit of having a tracked menstrual cycle, is that you will be more aware and have control. This way you will be able to make sense of your mood swings other problems that come with the signs of premenstrual syndrome.

Better Kept Records

Another plus point of having a tracked fertility is that your gynecologist would definitely be impressed by your impeccable record keeping. It will also help in starting your treatment right away, if need be. Usually doctors encourage women to keep records of their cycles so it is best to get the full picture.