How to Use Decorative Concrete in Different Rooms of Your House

How to Use Decorative Concrete in Different Rooms of Your House

Contrary to the popular belief, concrete floors aren’t only used outdoors. But there are many awesome implementations of decorative concrete indoors too.

Below mentioned are some parts of your house in which you can seamlessly integrate decorative concrete flooring.


Since most of the building contractors use concrete flooring is the default basement floor, you’re most likely to see it in the basements of houses. The plain concrete flooring doesn’t look great, so, the homeowners often cover it up by adding a layer of hardwood on top. But this isn’t that thing that you should be doing.

Concrete flooring has a clear benefit that it can’t be damaged like most of the other flooring materials no matter what you use your basement for. Additionally, you can easily clean with water and it won’t start to smell like crazy.

Staining the concrete of your basement can work for you if you don’t like the look for simple grey concrete. This will elevate the look of your basement, and also provide you with extra durability that almost no other material can provide.


Bedroom is an extremely intimate place, so, the choice of concrete flooring will definitely depend on your personal preference. Hardwood is no longer the material of choice for most of the homeowners, as more people are beginning to like the polished concrete floor as well. You can top it off with exotic rugs to make decent contrast.


Concrete floors are sort of a perfect choice for bathrooms. You can get the concrete floor sealed, and this is especially beneficial for use in the rooms where the floor can get wet at any time. The water accumulated on the concrete bathroom floor can easily be cleaned up, and will get dry pretty soon as well. Also, a great concern like the danger of slipping can also be mitigated if you use a slip free concrete floor made by reputable contractors like stamped concrete MA.

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