What is Best to Kill Carpenter Ants?

What is Best to Kill Carpenter Ants?

While carpenter ants do not usually bite humans, they do feast on the wood of your house’s structure, and they can even make it hollow. This is the main reason why you need to get rid of carpenter ants from your house as soon as possible.

These ants do not actually eat wood, but they remove it to make safe hiding spots for themselves. If you allow these ants to keep removing the wood from your structure, they will definitely do lots of structural damage to your house.

While you can easily spot carpenter ants in your house, dealing with a large scale infestation will be almost impossible for you. Therefore, you should always hire a Carpenter Ant Removal |  A1 Pest Control of Bowling Green service for the task.

Identifying Carpenter Ants

There are multiple species of carpenter ants out there, and some even have wings which they can use to find new places to infestate. They spread throughout the country in the spring season, and their size is much larger than the normal household ants.

Just because these ants have wings, many homeowners take them as termites. However, you can tell both of these apart easily as carpenter ants have a narrow waist. These ants also have less veins in their wings.

On the other hand, termites have more veins in their wings. There are many other ways to tell apart a carpenter aunt from a termite.

Detecting a Carpenter Ant Infestation

Keep in mind that unless you spot a large number of carpenter ants inside your house, a few ants do not symbolize a whole colony. In the spring season, you should be able to spot a swarm of winged carpenter ants around your house. This is one of the strongest indications of a colony nearby.

You can also detect a carpenter ant infestation by detecting small holes in the wood.

You should always hire an expert service provider to kill carpenter ants as they know the best ways to do so.

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